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The Mining Incentive Program (MIP) budget for 2017-18 has increased from $400,000 to $1,000,000.  The MIP Application Forms and MIP Instructions and Guidelines are available.

Prospectors licenced to operate in the NWT can apply for up to $25,000 in funding. The funding limit has been increased from $15,000.

In the search for Northwest Territories (NWT) mineral resources, explorers rely in part on regional-scale geological and geophysical information provided b

Across the vast landscape of the Northwest Territories (NWT), cold climates and permafrost have preserved large amounts of anci

Find out more about the Northwest Territories Geological Survey at AME Roundup 2017.  We have booths on the main floor and on the second floor. 

To address one of the goals of the Government of the Northwest Territories Mineral Development Strategy, the Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS) has developed geological maps that highlight NWT regions. The maps provide a quick reference to bedrock geology, mineral showings, and the location of petroleum wells. Communities, prospectors, and explorers can use the maps to gain a better understanding of geological mapping and historic exploration work in their region.

Updated 10 December 2015

Permafrost Thaw Causes Lake Drainage and Flow of Debris, Peel Plateau, Northwest Territories, Canada

Permafrost thaw in the northwestern Northwest Territories has caused development of very large thaw slumps. Individual thaw slump disturbances can impact over 30 ha of terrain, displace millions of cubic metres of sediments to reconfigure slopes and impact downstream environments.

The Exploration Overview provides a summary of mining and exploration activity conducted in the Northwest Territories during 2015. (Updated February 2016)

Rapport de synthèse 2015 sur l’exploration minière aux Territories du Nord-Ouest (mis à jour en février 2016)