Our Data and Searching Tools

Information, Data, Samples and Searching Tools

The Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS) provides access to the following types of data and information pertaining to the Northwest Territories: 

  • Mineral Exploration Assessment Reports
  • Petroleum Industry Reports (well history/geological and geophysical)
  • Geophysical Datasets
  • Geochemical Datasets
  • Diamond/Kimberlite Sample Data
  • NTGS Publications (NWT Open Report, NWT Open File, NWT Special Volume, Educational Publication)
  • Air photos
  • Historical Exploration Industry Files
  • Topographic Maps
  • Geology Maps
  • Yellowknife Geoscience Forum Abstract Volumes
  • NWT Exploration Overviews
  • Scientific and general geology posters
  • Trail Guides
  • Books and Textbooks
  • Magazines & Periodicals
  • GSC Publications
  • Theses
  • Rock Samples and Drill Core (NTGS has a large collection of rock samples and diamond drill core in its care. Clients may view these samples and, if approved, take sub-samples for analysis. A compilation of available drill core data is available in NWT Open Report 2003-003.)

Resources can be either downloaded for free, borrowed, or are reserved for onsite use only. Contact us to find out more.

Web Tools

Our web applications search, display and download information and publications in our databases.

  • NT GoMap is an interactive web-based geology portal that can be used to create custom maps and query subsets of data determined by the user.
  • NT GoData searches the same information without the NT GoMap interface.
  • Gateway is used to browse and download data and publications.


The NTGS has a comprehensive geological library, which can be explored using our catalogue.  Materials are available for use onsite and some are available for loan.