Poster Instructions

Poster Instructions

  • Poster presenters must Submit a poster abstract or summary by 20 October 2017
  • Poster presenters must be registered for the Geoscience Forum
  • Poster presenters not giving a Soap Box Talk are required to attend the poster session (date and times are below)
  • Posters must be set-up by 17:00 Tuesday 14 November
  • Posters must be taken down only after 13:00 Thursday 16 November
  • Posters that duplicate an oral presentation must be approved by Kumari Karunaratne

Poster Display Boards

Posters will be mounted on display boards:

  • 120 cm (47") high by 215 cm (85") wide
  • Royal-blue or grey
  • Felt-covered suitable for Velcro (not included). Not suitable for pins.

Soapbox Talks

Poster presenters are given the option to give a scheduled 3-5 minute oral presentation in front of their poster during the Poster Session. If you would like to deliver one of these “Soapbox Talks”, please indicate this when you submit your abstract. Note that talk slots fill up fast and are allotted on a first come first-served basis. Students take preference if the Soap Box talks are over-subscribed.


Poster Session - Wednesday Afternoon 15th November 2017

Capitol Theatre Lobby — 12:20 to 14:00 (Lunch ) and 15:00 to 16:20 (Beverages)
Multiplex — 16:30 to 19:00 (Reception)
Chairs: Hendrik Falck and Kumari Karunaratne

Soapbox Talks - Capitol Theatre Lobby

13:20 Structural Framework for the Cantung Tungsten Deposit, Northwest Territories— E. Salmabadi* [#1]

13:27 Investigating the Diverse Glacial Geology South of Lac de Gras, Northwest Territories, and its Potential Implications for Drift Prospecting — R.A. Stirling* [#2]

13:34 Estimating Overburden Depth in a Permafrost-Rich Environment using Passive Seismics: Results From the 2017 Preliminary Survey at Kennady Camp, NWT — S. McPeak* [#3]

13:41 Forming a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for The Hare Indian Formation Using High-Resolution Chemostratigraphy and Sedimentology, Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories — B. Harris* [#4]

14:00  Keynote Address — Theatre 1

15:17 Water Quality Data to Support Cumulative Effects Decision-Making in the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories — L. Wong* [#5]

15:24 Cumulative Impact Information and Environmental Assessment Decision-making in the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories — L. Arnold* [#6]

15:31 Using Paleolimnology to Establish Baseline Conditions and Trends for Contaminants and Climate for a Community-Based Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Program, Marian Watershed, Northwest Territories — J.V. Telford* [#7]

15:38 Evaluating Lake Water Balances in Relation to Catchment Characteristics Near Yellowknife, NT, and Their Hydrological Response to Varying Climatic Conditions — J.A.Viscek* [#8]

Posters -  Capitol Theatre Lobby

Reconnaissance Surficial Geology, Indin Lake, Northwest Territories, NTS 86-B — P.D. Morse [#9]

The New Government of the Northwest Territories Geological Materials Storage Facilities and Other Initiatives for the Long-Term Preservation of Geological Samples — S.R. Cairns [#10]

Spatial Anomaly Detection with Multivariate Geochemical Data from the Mackenzie Mountains — F. Cabral Pinto [#11]

An Overview of Boothia Peninsula - Somerset Island, Northern Nunavut, Derived from Airborne Magnetic Data - Initial Field Integration Results— H. Ugalde [#12]

Characterization of the Cantung Tailings: Essential Information to Assess Feasibility of Reprocessing — H.E. Jamieson [#13]

Geological Survey of Canada Bedrock Mapping and Stratigraphic Studies, Shield to Selwyn Transect, Northwest Territories — K.M. Fallas [#14]

Where Have All the Garnets Gone - Lena West Paleo-Climate — A.W. Davies [#15]

The Application of 3D Indicator Mineral Datasets to Regional-Scale Modelling of Glacial Sediments in the Lac De Gras Area, Northwest Territories — M. Ross* [#16]

Teleseismic Investigation of the Crust and Mantle Lithosphere Underlying Banks Island, Northwest Territories: Implications for Resource Potential — A.J. Schaeffer [#17]

The Geology of the Faraday 2 Kimberlite Pipe, NT, Canada — L. Nelson [#18]

Geology of the K6-252 Kimberlite Complex, Alberta — T. McCandless [#19]

Surface Till Geochemistry and Lithogeochemical Exploration for a Concealed Kimberlite — A.P. Wickham [#20]

Northwest Territories Geological Survey Geophysical Activities, 2017-2018 – M. Mirza [#21]

Posters -  Multiplex

Understanding Land Use Plan Conformity Determination for Approved Regional Land Use Plans — D. Phillpot [#22]

Mapping Ground Ice Potential in Canada — S.A. Wolfe [#23]

Behaviour of a Reinforced, High Fill Embankment Following Winter Construction Near Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories — L.U. Arenson [#24]

Surficial Sediments, Land Cover Mapping and Permafrost Characteristics in the Western Hudson Bay Area, Nunavut — T. Tremblay [#25]

TRAILS: Collaborative permafrost terrain mapping, Dempster and Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highways Corridor — P.D. Morse [#26]

Influence of Terrain and Highway Construction on Thermokarst Distribution, North Slave Region, Northwest Territories, Canada — P.D. Morse [#27]

A Pilot Project to Increase Public Accessibility of Permafrost Information — S.L. Smith [#28]

Monitoring Permafrost Erosion Processes and Implementing Adaptation Measures in Kugluk Territorial Park, Nunavut — M.A. Ducharme [#29]

Implications of Thawing Permafrost on Water in the Northwest Territories — A.C.A. Rudy [#30]

Evolution of Incipient Lowland Thermokarst Features in the Blackstone River Valley, Yukon — P. Roy-Léveillée [#31]

Investigation into the Extent of Slumping and its Impact on Landscape Morphology Within the Thomsen River Watershed in Aulavik National Park, Northwest Territories — H. Conway [#32]

Statistical Models for Interpreting Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Allometric Growth of Subarctic Lake Whitefish Populations — X. Zhu [#33]

Assessing Factors Influencing Xylogenesis of Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana), Yellowknife, NT – D.M. Harris [#34]

Towards Understanding Hydrological Patterns Producing Drought in the Snare River System, Northwest Territories — J. Hickman [#35]

Contact Kumari Karunaratne with questions about your poster.