Strategic Plan

Our five-year strategic plan was developed in 2011 and outlines our mission, goals and plans.

Our Mission

To investigate, understand and explain the geology of the Northwest Territories (NWT).  This information is provided to governments, industry and the general public to help them make decisions about:

  • responsible development of mineral and energy resources
  • use of the land
  • protecting the environment

Our Goals

Goal 1: To be the principal resource for NWT geoscience information

Goal 2: To learn about the mineral resources of the NWT

Goal 3: To learn about the energy resources of the NWT

Goal 4: To provide information to decision-makers that could affect the land, environment and infrastructure of the NWT

Goal 5: To use modern methods and best practices in managing geoscience information for the NWT

Goal 6: To continually improve and expand the services provided to NWT stakeholders


Our Strategic Plan 2011-2016 can also be downloaded as a summary or in French.



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